Pictures of Real Princesses in Our Days

“Princess” is a word that is used to make reference to a person that belongs to nobility. It changes from culture to culture. A princess can be the king’s and queen’s daughter, in some cultures only the older. A princess can also be apictures of real princesses king’s wife or the sovereign of a country that is not considered as a kingdom.

Being a princess is not always about dresses, jewels, travels and palaces, it Eugenie of Yorkis not pink color, because it also takes a lot of responsibilities and pressure, such as working for people and charity causes, having a really high education level and abstaining oneself from simple vagaries of daily life.






Pauline Ducruet Black Pauline Ducruet White Eugenie of York skirt

Actually one of the most famous princesses is Eugenie of York, cousin of Prince William. She is 25 years old and studied Art in the University of Newcastle. Another very beautiful princess is Pauline Ducruet, who is 22 years old and is Princess Stephany’s and Prince Daniel’s daughter, from Monaco. She loves the circus and sports.

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