Pictures of Princess Diana When She Was Young

pictures of princess diana

She was born in Norfolk, Great Britain, on July first of 1961. Her father was the fourth Baron of Fermoy. Her parents divorced when she was only 8. After a time studying in Norfolk, she moved to Switzerland and then to London, where she lived till 1981.


She met her future husband, Prince Charles, because he was her sister’s boyfriend, but they broke up later. At the age of 18 she started to go out with him, and then got married in 1981. Lady Di was characterized by controversy,

pictures of princess diana weddingdenouncing The Royal’s Family problems and making them and hers public, that made her to be closer to people.









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Princess Diana got divorced in 1996 because her marriage problems were unsolvable. She always fought for noble causes, like VIH, poverty, drugs, and landmines, and even presided several charitable causes. She died on August 31th on 1997 because of a car accident. Her death is still a mystery.

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